Our Curriculum:

The curriculum taught through our Youth program aims to help students build relationships with our living Savior. We believe that the youth are the future of the Church and it is our role to build a firm foundation based on the Word of God. We believe the two greatest commandments are to 1) Love God and 2) Love People. On Sundays, we dive into loving God and on Wednesdays, we learn about how to
love people.

Sunday Mornings


How does the Bible point us to Jesus?

This curriculum tracks and informs us about the Old Testament
prophecies, New Testament miracles, and all of the Biblical heroes
who point us, as Christians, to Jesus.

Wednesday Nights

6:30 PM

Who is the Holy Spirit and what are the fruits of the

This study is an open discussion of one of the members of the Trinity,
the Holy Spirit. When Jesus departed from this Earth, he left behind a
“Helper” who lives in each of those who are saved. The fruits of the
Spirit are those gifts that the Spirit develops in us as a means of loving
others and serving Jesus well.

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